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About us

Terrabase Ltd has been running since 1999. Over this time our development team have created a wide range of successful software and applications making the lives of businesses easier. We have our main office in Chester just near the Welsh border, and we have offices in Saughall, a small village situated about 3 miles north-west of Chester, and in Ellesmere Port near Great Sutton. Let us know if you ever want to meet up and we can chat about the work we do or any issues you might be having at your work. As passionate members of the development community we keep up-to-date with new technological advances and are more than happy to look into how we can apply them to create new and innovative products for you.


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  • Download Terrabase's own brochure today, to find out more information about us and see how we can help you.

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  • To ensure your software is of the highest quality we work to constantly exceed ISO 9001 quality standards

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  • The framework is the common document for referral for data sharing issues concerning Terrabase Ltd system information

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  • As a professional body the British Computer Society (known as BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT), has a responsibility to set rules and professional standards to direct the behaviour of its members in professional matters. It is expected that these rules and professional standards will be higher than those established by the general law and that they will be enforced through disciplinary action which can result in expulsion from membership.

    Registration No. 04612938 (England)
    VAT Reg: 680 2244 52

    Registered Office: Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, Warrington, WA4 4FS, Great Britain