Application Overview

Crafted over a decade with finely tuned statistics and data analysis giving managers insight and foresight over quality of learning provision over multiple local authorities.

ALDAS will accept data from a variety of sources including direct connection to software APIs pulling data from completely separate management systems entirely remotely reducing the risk of human error.

Providing repeatable and comparable output to track progress and identify possible blind-spots ALDAS works to ensure struggling learners receive the help they deserve.

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Cheshire West and Chester Council

Since 2003 we have created a range of web and desktop solutions

Coventry City Council

We work with the Adult Learning department to produce statistics for managers and Ofsted

Cheshire East Council

Our solutions include Moodle and Quality Assurance software

Ellesmere Port

Our solutions can be accessed wherever they are needed, across different sites and venues, or at home

City Institutions and Blue Chip

We have been in operation since 1999 and in that time have worked with a wide range of organisations

Imperial College London

We designed and built a student management system to operate across all the students in the University

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