Application Overview

Cryptex addresses two critical issues for many organisations. It ensures secure transfer of data between centres or providers, and it dramatically improves the quality of that data.

Many organisations are still transferring critical information in a totally insecure manner in the form of Excel spreadsheets attached to emails. This completely breaks data protection laws and putting a password on an Excel spreadsheet is completely inadequate. For many organisations this is a time-bomb waiting to happen. Cryptex encrypts the data before it even leaves your local machine (via industry standard SSL encryption) and subsequently decrypts the data when you download it. This all happens behind the scenes, as far as you're concerned you're just uploading or downloading the files to or from a website. This all happens in your browser without the need to install anything. Just go to the website and it just works, on any computer.

Data that is uploaded can be automatically checked to make sure it matches what you are expecting. So if your centres, or providers, are supplying enrolment information in the form of a spreadsheet, the data can be analysed to check for errors. This can be from simple typing errors, such as leading/trailing zeros/spaces, to more complex logic errors such as GLH figures being too high based on the start and end date of courses. The system will give instant feedback to the person uploading the return/spreadsheet with a Red/Amber/Green rating and clear notes on how to fix the data. This has been proven to save data teams hours/days of fruitless data fixing.

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Cheshire West and Chester Council

Since 2003 we have created a range of web and desktop solutions

Coventry City Council

We work with the Adult Learning department to produce statistics for managers and Ofsted

Cheshire East Council

Our solutions include Moodle and Quality Assurance software

Ellesmere Port

Our solutions can be accessed wherever they are needed, across different sites and venues, or at home

City Institutions and Blue Chip

We have been in operation since 1999 and in that time have worked with a wide range of organisations

Imperial College London

We designed and built a student management system to operate across all the students in the University

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