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Excel Upgrade for Imperial College London

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Imperial College London set up a new department covering all disciplines and making enrichment courses available to all students.

As the service was put together, spreadsheets were used to model the data management requirements with an eye to creating a professional solution which could handle their needs.

Terrabase were able to offer a suitably-priced bespoke solution fleshed out from discussions with the team and from detailed analysis of the spreadsheets being used up until now. The web-based solution allows registers to be taken and records to be managed and analysed across all ICL’s sites around London and beyond.

Managing the attendance and marks for thousands of Imperial College London's students.
All the department's courses are managed here with the facility to make courses from multiple sub-courses

The system needed to be used by a range of staff, administrators, managers and lecturers in order to carry out a variety of tasks.

Lecturers need to take registers in real-time as students come into a lecture theatre. To this end the registration process needed to be quick, reliable and capable of working effectively on tablets. It also needed to be able to respond to swipe card registrations for larger groups of over 300 students.

The solution needed to be able to handle every possible type of mark-scheme with different weighting for different assessments and assessment categories. These include oral tests, assignments, practical work and more. This needed to be done in a simple way which departmental auditors could understand at a glance.


The system is used by hundreds of staff all around the college, all day, every day, and provides the reporting for the department’s key performance indicators required by the university authorities and external auditors.

The day-to-day administration of courses and the student experience is managed by the system which can automatically highlight students with attendance problems and email them for more information.

Managers can make bespoke reports to pull out any data they need for further analysis in Excel as needed.

Reports screenshot
Complex, developed and designed reports, and user-created bespoke reports are all available

The system is a robust, secure solution managing the department’s needs and has been used as a foundation for similar software solutions we have developed for a number of other departments at Imperial College London.

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