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Moodle Hosting Solution for Islington Borough Council Adult and Community Learning

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Islington Borough Council Adult and Community Learning department identified the need for an online learning resource for their constituents, and contacted Terrabase knowing of our reputation for providing successful and cost effective local authority solutions.

We provided a suitable Moodle hosting package and helped Islington put together an appropriate design and layout. We helped develop the starting template and provide general technical maintenance and support for the whole system.

We take care of the technical aspects while Islington teachers are able to concentrate on developing learning resources from the exciting array of activities and media available.

Managed Moodle hosting particularly coming into its own during the COVID crisis.
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Plug-ins are available for almost any imaginable need which we will advise upon and integrate upon request

Many managers have no specialised IT knowledge and do not expect to have. We provide an accessible service where we are available to help staff learn how to take advantage of all the facilities provided.

We put a friendly face to the technical side and have the expertise, not only in hosting the systems, but supporting and using them. The means when staff get stuck we can help.


With the COVID crisis learners were no longer really able to meet a tutor in person. Unfortunately the unemployment consequences of the crisis continue to grow and the need for re-skilling has become more vital. This solution has provided the next best thing to meeting the teacher in person and has been a critical tool for Islington to re-skill its workforce. It has also highlighted the wide range of advantages and efficiencies which can be gained from moving teaching into a virtual environment.

Islington staff have been able to develop their own Moodle skills rapidly, creating a range of exciting resources which their learners will be able to use for years to come. Meanwhile the staff are able to keep refining and adding to them as new media and online pedagogies are developed.

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Terrabase take care of keeping the system up-to-date and secure

Our Moodle hosting solution has opened a range of new opportunities for Islington Borough Council to deliver efficient and effective learning resources to their adult learners. The COVID crisis has accelerated the delivery of learning in this form and now the advantages are being fully realised.

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