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a range of web offerings

Bespoke web-based software solutions for small and medium departments
and specialists in a wide range of web-based services

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We develop web-based software solutions mainly using a technology called Ruby-on-Rails. This allows us to create rapidly an application tailored to your specific needs. Sometimes based upon one of our existing applications, other times your brand new concept.

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Excel Upgrade

An aspect of our bespoke software development. Our work often involves investigating Excel spreadsheets which an organisation has become reliant upon, and producing a more sustainable solution.

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moodle hosting

Moodle is the widely-used, well-regarded virtual learning environment. For more on Moodle click here 

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wordpress hosting

WordPress is the popular content management system for rapidly implementing your own website. For more on WordPress click here 

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off-the-shelf software solutions

We have a range of white-label, web-based software solutions which are ready to be branded for your organisation and put on your web address: 

ALDAS – Adult Learner Data Analysis System
Cryptex – Secure document storing and work-flow management
Electronic Register – Online, real-time class registers
IPMS – Integrated Performance Management Suite
QSys – Service Provider Quality Management System

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third party application hosting

We can set-up and configure web applications, either your own, or other 3rd party or open-source applications.

Here are some open-source examples: 

Why terrabase

Terrabase offer a personalised service where you have real-time access to approachable and friendly consultants with excellent technical understanding.

what happens next

Drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the possibilities. You’re in control every step of the way.