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ALDAS stands for Adult Learner Data Analysis System. In its raw form it imports data from spreadsheets, or directly from a management information system via an API, and produces figures, statistics and reports from these data.

It is a white-labelled solution, meaning it can be branded, configured and further tailored for any organisation needing learner/student analysis.

The system has been in constant operation since 2004 and has been put through its paces over many Ofsted inspections and management meetings.

ALDAS Enrolments screenshot
The system handles millions of enrolments in a simple and fast interface
ALDAS Report Screenshot
The Top Level Report covers a wide range of statistics

ALDAS takes a document-based approach to the vast amount of data it needs to analyse, so an analysis can be loaded for a particular scenario and other data ignored when not needed.

The software takes care of all the data pivoting, grouping and aggregation so a range of reports can be produced at the push of a button. The reports consider every conceivable statistic relevant to adult learning provision and can be tailored for any educational environment.

Key reports and groups of reports are created overnight so they can be produced instantaneously meaning users do not have to wait for reports to be regenerated, which can take up to a minute when dealing with tens of thousands of enrolments.


Reports can be grouped to consider the data for a variety of similar scenarios. For instance a manager might want a pdf showing all the outputs for each of the different ruralities. This would produce a rurality statistical handbook which can easily be shared with interested parties.

It would show all the key statistics in a rural area and allow managers to compare these easily with the same report produced for an urban area. It can show the progression of these statistics from completely rural, through to semi-rural, semi-urban and urban highlighting how rurality affects provision.

This can be done for any other piece of background information, for instance ethnicity, or deprivation index.

Report creator screenshot
ALDAS includes a custom report builder producing pdfs or Excel files

ALDAS removes risk from a complex report generation situation. It has been implemented by a range of organisations including Cheshire West & Chester Council, Cheshire East Council, Wigan Borough Council and Coventry City Council.

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