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'Terrabase have a personal passion to make great bespoke IT solutions'

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We provide:

  • SME, Corporate, Government and Local Authority Systems
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Spreadsheets converted to robust web-based database systems
  • Development of statistical analyses, reports and charts
  • Friendly advice


The Integrated Progression Management System (IPMS), Managed Moodle Hosting, more...


Web-based database systems, Statistical analysis, reports and charts, more...


Task Prioritisation - Surprisingly Vital, Is a back-up strategy enough?, Applications as fast as you can think, more...

Latest News

A quick overview of current happenings at Terrabase.
  • +++ Happy St Patrick's Day 2016 +++

    Posted by NewsEd on 17 Mar 2016
  • +++ Happy St David's Day 2016 +++

    Posted by NewsEd on 01 Mar 2016
  • Happy Pancake Day!
    Do you do anything for Lent, or prefer just to have the pancakes, thank you very much.

    We're bringing 2 new programmers up to speed in Ruby on Rails and preparing for our new programmer training school expected to start in Ellesmere Port after Easter.
    Posted by NewsEd on 09 Feb 2016
  • Update to Imperial College Horizons Management System Released
    We have just released the Autumn developments to the Imperial College London Horizons Management system. Amongst other things, this release adds more flexibility to the import and export system so that Post-Grads and Staff can be separated easily from the main student data. It also rolls up some other minor changes, tuning issues and bug-fixes.
    Posted by NewsEd on 12 Jan 2016