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    Integrated Software Management Systems

  • High speed, responsive interface designs
  • Established since 1999 providing solutions across the UK
  • Proficient systems demonstrating effective use of data
  • Secure and government approved environments
  • Simple to learn, simple to use and simple to implement
  • Powerful strategic results in a robust data ecosystem

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  • SME, Corporate, Government and Local Authority Systems
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Development of statistical analyses, reports and charts
  • Friendly advice

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    Sector Experience

  • Over 15 years of experience in a range of sectors
  • Pricing and delivery strategy specifically designed around a range of budgets and department sizes

Unleash Strategic Vision by Taking Control of Data

The Terrabase approach is all about shifting the confusion from data, moving it out of inflexible spreadsheet based systems by engineering data and interfaces to work together - in the cloud and in the office. By eliminating information inertia and simplifying data interrogation, Terrabase bespoke software enables its users - Government, Corporate and SME organisations around the country - to accelerate decision-making and create added opportunities for mission fulfilment.

Our clients...

Our clients seek us out because they recognise data problems in a department or organisation. Often the problem is to do with 'spreadsheet spaghetti' and they've become frustrated at spending so much time correcting data or getting it to work for them.

Once the budget comes along they see the opportunity to make efficiency savings.

With Terrabase they are getting a personal and personable team. A team who will go out of their way to create ideal software for their office. They know it's important to be flexible as the software is crafted. They know it's no good sticking to an old spec once a new approach is identified. Terrabase are in it for the long term and can work with you to identify opportunities for years to come.

Cheshire West and Chester Council

A partner since 2003 with a range of Terrabase web and desktop solutions

Coventry City Council

Managing data and producing key reports for managers and Ofsted

Cheshire East Council

Solutions include Moodle, provider databases and quality assurance software

Local Organisations

Web-solutions that can be accessed wherever they are needed, across different sites and venues, or from home

City Institutions and Blue Chip

Starting in 1999 Terrabase have worked with a wide range of organisations

Imperial College London

Student database, management system, electronic register, result analysis, reports and statistics across all students and departments

"Terrabase provide us with an excellent service, giving quick response both in day-to-day support and to changes as we have needed them. We have been able to work with them to develop new features through their high-level of technical expertise & experience, and their understanding of our sector."

- Frank Collins (Lifelong Learning - Cheshire East Council)


"Terrabase work with us putting in place the Portal and ALDAS modules and take care to make sure it works for us, with our data, in the way we need it. They are there when we need them, provide excellent service, and understand the adult learning landscape."

- Nicola Hallam (MIS Officer - Adult Education Service Coventry City Council)


"Cryptex allows us to be confident in the security of our data transfer and the quality of the data we are using. It is simple to use, and does what it says on the tin."

- David Edwardson (Guidance Tutor - Warrington Citizens Advice Bureau)

Terrabase Engineered Systems

The performance designed into every Terrabase engineered system helps organisations reduce risks and focus their delivery. These systems deploy easily, integrate seamlessly with existing IT environments, and provide the kind of user experience that helps managers and their staff do what they need to do faster, better and more efficiently.


Terrabase systems can be hosted in the cloud by leading Internet Service Providers trusted by Government organisations around Europe to deliver excellent performance and security, or can be hosted internally within organisational systems. Hosting in the cloud simplifies delivery, and adds to flexibility and availability.

Beyond Spreadsheets

Terrabase systems are designed to revolutionise workflow by taking the power inherent in complex, home-grown spreadsheets, taking that expertise and delivering it for the future.

They act to remove intrinsic risk from layers of calculations and data manipulation producing a robust presentation layer with repeatable and explainable results. This in turn produces a secure and valuable data- infrastructure as an organisational asset to be passed on to tomorrow's stakeholders.


Terrabase bespoke software solutions look to create simplicity by gathering vital tools into a single intuitive concept with secure zones of access. This in turn simplifies structures and models that control the data and ultimately deliver the clear management overviews required for confident decision-making. The systems are designed to be consistent in style and process. This is to help drive forward the organisation ethos and take advantage of previously learned skills through proven workflows and expertise.

The Terrabase analysis process involves identifying mission-critical risks and bringing them out for resolution. Terrabase bespoke software is software created to move forward in environments of continual improvement and change, software that stays ahead of the curve, literally re-defining the workplace.

Need to Know

The systems work to store staff expertise within a single organisational knowledge system facilitating the seamless transfer of roles as people migrate. Training and education is built into the solutions by aiming to all but eliminate learning curves and unnecessary manual re-processing, or 'excise'. Excise is identified and cut-out to create a productive and flow-based experience.

Future Systems

A Terrabase engineered solution is designed to take advice from today's workflow patterns, today's experience. This is to create the opportunities to incorporate tomorrow's innovation and tomorrow's value generating methodologies. Our mission is to embrace new ways of excelling and to keep spearheading multiple sectors. To create systems that can be mobilised to parallel workflows across the organisation and where possible applied to sister organisations.

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